As a GM for Pathfinder, I find myself tediously calculating each character's wealth in an Excel spreadsheet.
This extension adds a chat command to calculate a character's wealth in gold pieces from the items in their inventory.
Hope some people find this useful. Please provide feedback or any bugs you find.

  • 3.5E


Github Link:

Tested on both FGC v 3.3.10 and FGU 4.0.0. Works on both.

/charwealth [character name]
"character name" is the exact name, including spaces, of the character you wish the calculate the wealth for.

  • You must be the Host in order to use this command.
  • You must enter the exact character name you wish to calculate the wealth for. Spaces in the name are okay.
  • It looks at each item and creates a running total of the character's wealth.
  • The format of an item's cost must be a number, followed by a space, followed by the cost type.
  • The number must contain numerical characters. Commas can be used.
  • There must be a unit type for the cost or else the item will be excluded.
  • The cost types must be either "pp", "gp", "sp", or "cp". The letters for these can have any case. Any currencies besides these will result in that item being excluded from the total.
  • 1 pp = 10 gp; 1 gp = 1gp; 1 sp = 0.1 gp; 1 cp = 0.01 gp
  • If an item is not added to the character's wealth, a chat message will be displayed with the item name and a description.
  • Gold pieces by default are not a part of the character's inventory. These must be added manually to a character's wealth.

Compatibility with Other Extensions:
This does not modify any existing code besides adding a chat command. The calculated value is outputted to the chat.


This means you can commercialize it or do anything else with it, as long as they give you credit for the parts of your work they use and they too release it under the same license.

v1.0.0 - Initial release for 3.5E and PFRPG rulesets

Future Improvements:
  • Automatically add a character's gold into the character wealth
  • Possibly add a UI element
  • Add ability for GM to calculate each character's wealth from a single command, instead separate commands