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    Rolemaster FRP Extension 2.1

    Hi guys,

    Attached I have the Rolemaster FRP/SS extension.

    We have a few new features from the original FRP, as well as all the advantages of using the new RMC 2.1.1 version

    • Standard Rules adjusted like from the old version

    Character Skill Table
    • Skill list has seen some UI improvements to make it easier to read.
    • Category Bonus automatically calculated and added to the Stds (I am very proud of this addition)
    • Limited calculations included
    • Combined calculations included
    • NA Calc included for headings

    Character Spells
    • Spell Casting Maneuver window included with modifying calculations (Spell Casters love me)

    Combat Tracker
    • Sleep and Rest HP FRP calculations and over 6 hours PP recovery.

    Character XP
    • XP Character included, with two new fields for hit give and taken , you plug in the numbers and it does the maths for you (Not sure why I never thought of this before)

    Skills Lists
    • All Category Skills added
    • Every School of Hard Knocks secondary skill added (YES 255 of the skills added and almost drove me insane)

    Skill Dev Window
    • Total DP Spending correct
    • Able to handle 3 Cost stats correctly

    Spells Lists
    • Included Paladin and Sorcerer Lists
    • In the process of fixing the missing spells from the lists

    Party Sheet
    • Alertness instead of perception included (there is an error that score show a 0 but the roll is correct)

    • Added the main Core and Character Races (I know there is heaps more will get to the rest eventually, but hey I got more detail in the descriptions then the RMC Races)

    • Added all the arms in one list#, included prices, breakages and correct strength stats

    # The armoury and Fantasy Weapons are included, but you will need to purchase these for the Critical tables and they are well worth it


    Grab it from the Forge


    When you launch and click the RM Fantasy Roleplaying Version, you will need to load the following modules.

    • Creatures & Treasures RMC
    • Fantasy Weapons (if you have purchased it)
    • FRP Arms Law (replaces Arms Law RMC, add a few details like breakage numbers)
    • FRP Races (Required for the FRP stats do not use the character law races)
    • FRP Spell Law (Work in process, replace Spell Law RMC fixing certain spell lists missing data as well as added the Paladin and Sorcerer spell lists)
    • Rolemaster FRP Rules (Required)
    • The Armoury (if you have purchased it)

    You can and should green tick everything except for Creatures and Treasures, make sure not to load RMC Character Law

    Good Luck all as usual if I missed something or you want something urgent just send me a PM or write here, and I will get onto if I am sober.


    Discord: Ardem#4756
    Teamspeak Server: ts3.varidan.com.au
    Ultimate Licence: FGC/FGU

    Location: Sydney, Australia AEST (UTC +10 or +11 in DST)

    Campaign Currently Running: Greenbrook Rolemaster FRP (Weekly Wednesday 8.00pm-11.00pm), YouTube Stream

    Game/Ruleset created: Extinction Event
    Extensions created: Rolemaster FRP, XP Extension, Random Extension
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    Do you think you could also update the XP standalone extension to work with 2.1?
    I'm about to run a RMC campaign, but it currently moves the character sheet upwards and some details are lost.

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    Ardem told me the other day that he would fixing it up for RMC, he was just trying to finish up this extension for FRP first.

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    That's great news, thanks.

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    You two get out of here with you desire for the XP extension over my masterpiece.

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    Awesome! I miss Rolemaster but loved FRP over Classic.

    Do you accept donations for your work?

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    No donations, I accept lots of ego building praise LOL.

    No it is my pleasure to do the work, also being a GM I get the most out of it because I love FRP. I just hope people enjoy playing rolemaster.

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    I've been playing Rolemaster since the 80's, and to be able to play FRP now with friends across the country is going to be amazing.

    Thank you so much for the work you put into this, it is VERY much appreciated!

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    I might be missing something, but where do you record the potential stats?

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