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    ok going thru glyph lore is not listed in the school of hard knocks book (its in the essence companion/spell law 2 book) and is Lore - Magical
    plus you have over looked sculpting is not listed

    LOL i know im a pain!
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    ARdem re the xp tab
    OK that is helpful. Ta

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    I missed one?? WHAT! BEhead me now.

    I will check on it get back to you bub.


    Your right about Glyph Lore, I must of added it for someone, so this is a bonus. Happy to add others (Must be in a RMSS or FRP book though, not house ruled) if required just let me know.

    Adding Sculpting now will release when I do a new update
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    yeah extra isnt a bad thing its a good thing!

    now i really gotta someone get some help making Arcane spellcasters fully correct ... unfortunately they require em/in/pr AND SD so that's gonna have to be a major overhaul to implement i bet ... sorry Dakadin ... you should have assumed someone was going to EVENTUALLY get around to arcane LOL! I'm gonna post this request under the patch part here in a bit too!

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    Haha! RMC doesn't have any professions with 4 prime stats so unfortunately Ardem gets to do that.

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    I'll see about adding an extra prime stat to RMC though

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