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    Hi Nicodemus,

    It will only apply effects if the little check mark isn't already checked off for a Combat Tracker entry. I will look into it since I know it was an issue when I first converted the ruleset to CoreRPG but it should be working at this point. I don't use it in my game but I will double check it.


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    Hi Nicodemus,

    I see the issue. Basically for PCs, the node where the tracking is stored isn't the same as the node that is used in the onTurnEnd function. There were some changes earlier this year to CoreRPG and I missed that this was an issue after I did the update. I will get it updated for the next release.


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    Thanks Dakadin!

    Glad you were able to find the issue. I know many don't use ExP, but my current campaign is based around "the slow erosion of everything", so it's actually been nice to bring these rules to bear as they thematic to the settings.

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    I've used exhaustion points quite a bit with FG since it is so easy when it is working. I am just not using them for my current campaign.

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    Thanks Dakadin

    @Ardem, Dakadin
    Of course I discovered something else. It seems the RMFRP extension is still using the RM2 rules fore Exhaustion Points ( Exp = Con Stat Value) vs. the RMFRP rules of (Exp = 40 + 3x Co bonus).

    I was looking into rules_stats.lua for a variable or something I could change but I wasn't able to find an Exhaustion Point stat (assuming this is because its a relatively simply direct look up from the Co stat somewhere).

    I'm also not sure where/if anywhere I could set things in the RMFRP extension as all the files are also password protected (wise for avoid copying, but a bit troubling to debug this stuff on my own).

    So is there a way for me to make a local modification to get the RMFRP version of Exhaustion (it's not a big deal for every character, but the fighter in my campaign has almost double what he should have in RMFRP rules).


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    Hi Nicodemus,

    That is actually the source for the max_exhaustion field in the record_char_main.xml. You will need to remove the source tag and probably use DB.addHandler to the Co bonus of the onInit function and then calculate it. The max_pp field should give you an idea since it has to check for so many possible things changing. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    So not being very adept at Lua, my first question would be do I nuke the source tag entirely (and thus the OnInit below will handle being the source?), or do I need to point the Source to somehwere else?

    Looking at the max_pp field it seems to point to source pp.max, what is that exactly? A variable set somewhere else?

    Sorry, but I'm not the most adept of coders, although I can generally soldier on through

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    You could just remove the source. I think this will do it for you. I haven't tested it but you should be able to add it to your extension and it should update the Max Exhaustion using the RMFRP formula when the Co Total Bonus changes.

    	<windowclass name="charsheet_main" merge="join">
    			<number_readonly name="max_exhaustion" merge="delete" />
    			<number_readonly name="max_exhaustion" insertafter="label_max_exhaustion" >
    				<anchored to="label_max_exhaustion" position="right" offset="0" />
    					function onValueChanged()
    						if getValue() &lt; window.used_exhaustion.getValue() then
    					function onInit()
    						if super and super.onInit then
    						local nodeChar = window.getDatabaseNode();
    						local sConTotalPath = DB.getPath(nodeChar, "abilities.constitution.total");
    						DB.addHandler(sConTotalPath, "onIntegrityChange", refresh);
    					function refresh()
    						local nodeChar = window.getDatabaseNode();
    						local nConTotal = DB.getValue(nodeChar, "abilities.constitution.total", 0);
    						setValue(40 + (3 * nConTotal));
    It basically deletes the existing max_exhaustion field and recreates it using the new version. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Worked like a charm, thank you so much for your help!

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