I'm a roleplayer with some 30 years of experience, give or take. I've been storyteller for games in multiple systems (Shadowrun, D&D, Ars Magica, World of Darkness, GURPS etc) and I currently run my own game on Thursdays. On the other hand, I have close to no experience with Fantasy Grounds, and I feel that it would be good to learn the environment as a player, before making he leap as a GM.

By and large, I am someone who can capably handle crunch, but dislikes games where this takes a prominent role. In fact, immersion in the psyche of my character and the events of the world is practically a necessity for me to enjoy myself. I like worlds with a lot of depth to them, whether it is established settings such as one from a favourite novel series or one that is classic to an RPG, but I also prefer story arcs and campaigns that are developed by the GM her- or himself, possibly with input from the players. Pre-published campaigns or adventure paths, I have found, are often too scripted to my liking, and they likewise default to combat solutions too much. I'm the kind of player who would rather have a game session without rolling initiative than one where we do not get to discuss plot or plan intrigue with NPCs.

Now, I already am occupied on Thursdays with my own game, as mentioned, and both Mondays and Fridays have engagements that are unlikely to shift. For any other day, I am willing to see whether we could be a good match, on scheduling, preferences and personality. I'm based in the EST timezone, but generally prefer games during my afternoons (the European evenings), since my job, even with it being fairly flexible, tends to occupy more time at night than earlier in the day.

It really shouldn't be necessary to mention it, by the way, but I'm part of the LGBT+ community, so people who object to a player that enjoys an open-minded game-world should probably pass me by.

Hope to hear from folks!