Hi All

GReen to both D&D and FG here, so definitely looking to learn!

FG License: FGU Standard licence
Time Zone: AEST (GMT+10)
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: One to two nights per week, after 7pm
Term: Up for a one shot as just learning; also happy for Long term someone out there is willing to teach!
Voice: Any software is fine.

Game System Preferred: D&D 5e
Game System Experience: Nada - completely new
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Pretty green, been messing about with character creation for a couple of weeks, but could use some assistance.

Character Type Preferred: Fighter or Cleric

About me: I'm a Melbourne based, Australian, 41 year old complete newb to D&D, but keen to learn and link up with a group to explore and learn! I am easy going, like a joke and a beer, and have a long love of the fantasy genre and PC RPGs going back to the original Baldurs Gate, and pre that some text based games. Came close, but never got into TTRPG when I was young. Never to far gone to learn though!