Anybody interested in getting their feet wet with Index Card RPG and D.S. Myers’ excellent old-school Ancient Crypts and Creatures supplement? How about giving Fantasy Grounds’ new Index Card RPG module a try, in the new Fantasy Grounds Ultimate beta? How about earning my eternal gratitude by humoring me as I work on refining my OSR DMing chops?

I’d like to run a quick one shot, one-third fantasy grounds tutorial, one part ac&c tutorial, one part dungeon crawl. It will be like getting a flight of beers at a brewery, you can give a lot of different things a taste before you dive in for a pint.

Summary: This will be an easy 3 hour session for people at any experience level with ICRPG, ac&c, and/or Fantasy Grounds. Somebody’s got a problem, and lucky for us the solution lies in something that looks very much like a dungeon.

When: Wednesday May 27th @ 7p EDT

System: ICRPG with the amazing (and currently free!) Ancient Crypts and Creatures add-on.

Adventure: A Blaze in the Northern Sky starter dungeon.

VTT: Fantasy Grounds Unity. Just grab the demo version, I’ve got an Ultimate license.

Chat / Voice / Video: We’ll stage on discord chat, but ultimately use Zoom for the game. I’ll have MY video going, but you do you, no worries.

Why: There’s going to be a lot of shake-out happening, but my goal is to refine the entire thing into a repeatable process that would let me run starter one-shots on a weekly basis in an open-table concept, with a priority on introducing new players to this corner of the TTRPG world.