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    LFG 2 Players LF Game (wide open schedule) EST US Time Zone. 5E

    FG License: FG Ultimate; FG Unity Ultimate
    Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone (US), (GA)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: As long as Covid-19 keeps us on the couch, we're wide open. Once work starts up again, we'll be looking for evening or weekend time slots.
    Term: Ideally, a long term campaign is what we would like, but we're willing to entertain shorter duration games.
    Voice: We're set up with Discord and Skype, and we can do any other software necessary.
    Game System Preferred: D&D 5E
    Game System Experience: He has been playing D&D since he was a teenager back in the 1E days. She only started playing when 5E came out, but has got a great grasp of the game.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: We have been playing in FG for years. We also have FG Unity, but have yet to play a game in it. Do we get tripped up on it every now and then? Sure, but we're pretty handy with it.
    Character Type Preferred: She has a Tabaxi rogue that she's somewhat attached to and would like to play - but it's not a deal breaker. He'll be making a new character from scratch.
    About me: We are a married couple in our 50s. He's been playing since the late 70s, and she's been playing since 5E's release. Both of us really enjoy the game and are "jonesin" to get involved in a new campaign. In our last few campaigns, he's been DMing and is looking to play a character he can develop. She really enjoys the roll-playing aspects of the game and tends to find battle to be less interesting. Combat tactics really aren't her thing, but she's learning. He's more interested in the battle aspects, but finds the roll-playing aspects to be intriguing as well. He would like to improve his ability to improvise that roll-playing goodness on the fly. Owing to the fact that we're both old farts, neither of us are all that interested in getting into a game with 1) evil player characters 2) immiture players who feel that they need to kill everyone they speak to 3) players who can't share the limelight - who don't understand that the NPC isn't talking to them, so they don't need to interject into someone else's moment., or 4) Metagamers. Frankly, we're too old to work that hard! LOL. In campaigns that I've run in the past, I always felt that the whole reason we were sitting down together once a week was to tell the player's story. While the threat of imminent death was always there, I always wanted to give the players the understanding that, as the DM, I was there to move their story forward, not kill it off. We're hoping to find a DM with similar sensibilities.

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    I'd be willing to DM some 5E. I haven't DMd since 3E, but I've played a lot of 5E and know the rules. I'd probably start us off with a module or something to get back into the swing of DMing tho. Also, I'd prefer at least two more people in the party.

    I just recently got FGC (today) and I could go ahead and get FGU. But since I just got it, I may need a little time learning more of it before actual gaming starts. I'm a quick learner so it shouldn't be too bad.

    My preferred time slot would be Saturday evenings because I'm back in school and schedules change from semester to semester. Yeah... I actually have to go to class this semester for labs... even tho covid-19 is still out there.

    I live in Georgia so our times should line up pretty easily since you are Eastern Time as well.

    A little background on me. I started playing AD&D 2nd Edition in the early 90s. Played for a few years, then life happened. Didn't get back into it until the mid 2000s and played 3E for a few years... Then life happened again. lol. And then a few years ago, I got back into it with 5E and have been having a blast playing again. I just recently moved back to Georgia after living in Omaha for the last 10 years. This will be the first time playing digitally and I can't wait to try it out... at least for convenience sake since I live in the middle of nowhere now (closest wal-mart is 40 minutes away)!

    Also, if another person would like to DM, I'd be fine with that as well. I absolutely love playing, too!

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    So, where in GA are you? We’re in GA too, but we’re not as far from Walmart as you are...LOL. We’re east of Atlanta.

    Getting to know FG may not be as simple as you might think. It’s not as intuitive as I would like it. Having said that, it is a real game changer - no pun intended. My wife and I can help learn you up as they say here in GA.

    I can see about rustling up a couple of more players. Though, usually if a DM posts that they need players, it takes about 6.3 seconds to get a response from about 50 people.

    Maybe it would be best if we helped you out with FG first, then when you’re comfortable, you could go player-fishing.

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    Oh I'm about 40 minutes NE of Macon. I just now noticed you live in Covington! lol You're about 40 minutes north of me! Yeah... almost everything is 40 minutes away from me! haha I live in the small town of Hillsboro... which is just south of Monticello if you know where that is.

    Yeah any help would be appreciated. I have skype and discord. Either is fine with me.

    I could DM just you guys if you wouldn't mind an NPC tagging along (mainly to help with fighting). Role playing would be up to you guys for the most part.

    My classes are 12-3 Monday thru Thursday this semester. It takes me just a little over an hour to drive to the school... And then another hour to drive back home. Other than that, I'm available almost any time. But like I said before, I'd prefer our gaming time to be Saturday evenings.

    I was wondering about FGU at the time I got the license for FGC. I was thinking FGU would be a better buy, but all the videos I was watching were on FGC so I went with that. I can't imagine there being a drastic difference between the two, but I'll go ahead and get FGU and play around with it and see what the differences are.

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    I'm going to respond by private message.

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    Are you open to a brand-new player who hasn't played since this was known as AD&D? LOL
    My kids are grown and have gotten involved in their own groups, which has me looking into 5E.

    I'm learning FG Standard, and would like to find a group that has members near my own age group (50ish).
    I'm on Central time zone (Kentucky) and would prefer weekends (Fri. nights through Sun. afternoons).

    Would love to get into this again. Thanks.

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    You are absolutely welcome to join in! New players are always welcome.

    We are currently looking at Saturday evenings. I'm brand new to FG so I'm currently looking at video tutorials and tinkering around with the app myself. Jim and Trisha (above) are gonna skype call me tomorrow and walk me through some things since they are more familiar with FG. I am really liking every aspect of FG so far and I can't wait to try it out. I have a good deal of DMing experience so I'm familiar with the rules of 5E and storytelling so that part won't be too bad. I just really want to be able to 'bring to life' the adventures through FG and be as smooth as possible so that everyone enjoys the game.

    I'm probably gonna just do a kind of 'test' adventure to start us off with... just so I can fumble my way through FG the first time. After that, I will make a bigger, better adventure that will be more of a long-term campaign. The long-term campaign will be 50/50 role-playing and fighting. Hacking and slashing is fun and all, but when players get into the role-playing aspect, it makes for a better game for everyone, imo.

    Once I get the 'test' adventure set up, I will shoot ya a private message. I'm hoping for maybe this Saturday (30th) evening... but if that somehow falls through, it will definitely be the following Saturday (6th).

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    Great! Saturday evenings work well for me.
    I just sent you a PM with my contact information.

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    I just found out this thread, any chance you have extra room?
    I have experience mostly as DM, and I haven't used Fantasy Grounds yet, but I bought the ultimate version, so all I need are some friends

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    I would be interested in playing if we donít play Saturday nights. I have a kids campaign 6-9 that I couldnít possibly leave.. my daughter plays in it. I could play later if thatís fine .
    Also I live in Georgia too, near the coast, would love to find a IRL group but that hasnít happened yet

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