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    Looking for oneshot group for DnD 5e

    I'm fairly new to FG and 5e so I wanted to find a group to do one-shots with.

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    Cool! I've already checked the PM you sent me, also replied with something you might be interested in xD

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    Hey I am looking for a group too

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    I will send you a PM with some interesting information

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    what kind of one shots are you going to be doing?

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    whichever ones coincide with my work schedule xD its the reason Im mainly looking for one-shot games

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    If you are having a one shot this evening, PM me. I have several PC's of different flavors in FGC and FGU ready to go. I could be online after 8 EST.

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    Jun 2020
    UK but in Bulgaria till 2021
    I'm interested in playing and I have discord and a decent microphone.

    !!! I don't have any experience in tabletop games !!!!
    If that not problem please contact with me on Discord

    My Discord is ebisucofucu#0614

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    Looking to play in one shots. New to Fantasy grounds, playing online weekly since Covid19 and tabletop since the 80's. 5e, Pathfinder 1 or 2, DCC, any system works. Google or discord audio, not interested in video. Thanks!

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