Want to build your own lands? Want to GM according to your schedule? Have you always had a great Homebrew idea but never had the place to run it? Then this is the place for you!
Needed GMs for West Marches Style World built for Veterans of the Armed Services. Vets preferred by not required.
You will run your own Tier 2-4 lands with in the world with other GMs to collaberate with.
You put level appropriate adventures into you lands, you can homebrew this or purchase it, that is your choice, BUT this is the perfect opportunity for those who have grand Homebrew ideas.

We are using FG Classic. The only source books required are PH, DMG, and MM. The perfect GM for this gig is willing to put the overall project first. Working with a group of DM's creates the necessity for a little give and take. Bringing in someone who takes the "my way or the highway" approach just will not work for our project.

What you will be walking into...
We have a solid (very fun) player base at this point who are requesting several sessions per week. There is a very strong story arc already developed, but there is room for more. You would be given your own section of our living world map to fill in as you see fit (create new factions, etc.).

If this interests you please PM me for further info or any questions you might have.