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    Player LFG Starfinder. Australia

    Player LFG for Starfinder. Australian timezone, GMT +10.
    Available any day, evening sessions preferable, but can try to match up with other timezones.
    Have not played Starfinder before, but familiar with Pathfinder and other RPGs and have read up on rules and setting.
    Usually use Discord for voice chat.


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    hello im new here but have been gaming for over 20 years experience im keen on StarFinder and can confidently gm this type of game, i just need to pick up and learn the system, i'm going to get the FG program and study this and am looking at an R16 game as i like to get in a bit gritty with action, and already have a small galaxy in mind for this type of game. i'm in New Zealand so my gaming times will be saturday 6-11 gmt if anyone is intrested or i would be keen on joining a campaign to see how the system rolls and the world genre works thank you RZ
    ps i lived in auzzy for a few years me and my mates used to play dnd and m&m a the local pub, to be honest the best gamers/mates i eva had

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    I was able to play some games of Starfinder (used a different program to FG). Rules are easy to pick up if you are familiar with Pathfinder/DnD 3.5 and I found them pretty enjoyable.
    Have not had a chance to play on FG, but happy to learn.
    Let me know if you want to run some test sessions and/or want a player for a game.

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    Hi, you may want to check out the following post started yesterday, an Aus gm looking for players

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