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    Unfortunate, but glad to hear they are taking the right steps. Will keep my eyes open to see what happens with GenCon Online. Maybe we should even see what we can do to host a bunch of games.

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    Hopefully Smiteworks takes advantage of the Gen Con Online event to maybe do a virtual con in conjunction and bring lots of people to see how cool FG works. Hopefully in 3-4 months Unity will be good enough to showcase as well.

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    This really shouldn't be a surprise IMO.
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    While I don't keep up with Cons etc, I'm surprised it was still potentially going to happen until this point. As others have said, this is absolutely the right thing to do, and this will be a great opportunity to showcase FG and the like to demonstrate that online can indeed be just as good as in person play. And it certainly makes it easier to keep up with people strewn across several states!

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    I'm sure that it involved a LOT of legal issues to cover the cancellation costs. If the Con canceled but the city and state was open it's a lot different than the city still being on a partial shut down and the force majeure clauses come into effect, both for GenCon AND the vendors.
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    Yeah, I heart the NOrth Texas RPG Con is in bad position. They have to go on since a Texas didn’t close down it means that Hotels will not let them cancel without paying large amounts of cash. So as of now, that’s still on June? I think... they will probably lose a lot from cancels not booking enough rooms and therefore hotel raises the Con organizers costs.

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