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    Custom module for our first setting book


    My name is Jason Massey and I'm from the Dungeons and Randomness podcast. We are just about to go to print with our first setting book and I would love to turn it into a module on FG. I'm not really experienced with such a thing though and I was looking for someone to do the coding for us. Is there a place where I might hire someone for that job? What is a good rate for something like that?

    A little about our book. It's a beast at 390 pages. There are creatures, classes, maps, history and tons of NPCs.
    I'll leave a link below with a sample.

    Any help would be very appreciated.


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    The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is reach out to Doug ([email protected]) and set up a publisher's licensing agreement. Then they can find a community developer to do it, or you can do what you just did here.

    As for what it cost to hire somebody yourself to do it I suspect that will vary from developer to developer depending on what you are looking for them to produce. Each of us values our time slightly differently. A 390 page book done properly has a couple of hundred hours of work involved in its adaptation especially since from what I see in the preview this HAS to have a theme done for it as well.
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