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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinFreitas View Post
    A lot of the new functionality in the TEST build will require dark theme rework. Just a heads up that change is coming and it will be hard to say when I'll be able to get all of the new features accounted for in the theme. The project is on Github for anyone interested in contributing code to assist with the new feature translations to this theme. https://github.com/SirMotte/FGU-Theme-Hearth
    I'd just concentrate on getting the "drop dead can't run with it" issues and leave the rest for whenever you can get around to them. Right now in TEST I cannot share a map so have turned it off. For some reason they have an extra click added to share maps and its not showing up with hearth loaded (plus the map seems out of synch with its base frame - though that can wait.
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    Thanks, SilentRuin. Yeah, this weekend I was able to get a bunch of the issues knocked out. Should be mostly ok for the release but there are a few things that I need to take care of that are giving me a little bit harder of a time. I'll keep fiddling with it and see what works.

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    Big shocker... they busted you again in TEST.

    [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "Theme_SirMotte_Hearth:..ewindow_toolbar.lua"]:42: attempt to index global 'image_view_token' (a nil value)
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    lol… they set the DC too high and I’m rolling at disadvantage. TEST channel is wild!

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    Whenever possible, you should not be overriding individual control locations with themes, only adjusting frames/fonts/icons, etc. Anything else will always be affected whenever underlying windows change.
    Also, the toolbar was completely overwritten, and uses standardized frames/icons with the Test version.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Thanks Moon Wizard. Is is possible to have a multistate toggle typed toolbar button? Then I could make the pressed and unpressed button frame transparent. I’ll look in the docs tonight.

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    Technically, you could do that with a field button type, and define more than 2 icon states.
    See ToolbarManager.registerButton("locked", ...) in CoreRPG; and add another state to the registration.


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    Just FYI - TEST works fine with this theme now (at least in 5E).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentRuin View Post
    Just FYI - TEST works fine with this theme now (at least in 5E).
    Yeah, I got that issue you last mentioned fixed earlier in the week. Thanks for all of your input and help around the beta!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muagen View Post
    Loving the theme, however, I run Savage Worlds Adventure Edition games with some degree of frequency, and I have noticed some readability issues. Specifically, there are some text fields that use a black font on the dark background. I've done my best to pinpoint them with red dots, however redundant that might be.
    Hi Muagen, I went to see about making the changes when I realized that ruleset is a paid ruleset and I don't have it. I know there is a 30 return policy on FG store stuff, so maybe I can get it, make the fixes, and return it or something like that. Alternately, you can turn on debug mode and give me the window classes of all of the fields that need fixing. That does sound more painful than the first idea though. Hmmmm...

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