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    [Theme] 5E - SirMotte's Magnificent Darkness

    Current Version: 1.2
    Latest detailed changelog - June 2nd, 2020

    The February 16th FGU Update borked a lot of things, there may be more issues than before! Until I get the time to update this, I advise not to use the Themes.
    January 30th 2021 - Good news, I will resume work on the Theme(s) in April. Please see Post #97 for further details.


    Hello fellow Adventurers,
    I proudly present to you my take on a dark, reduced and calm FGU Theme.
    It is based on Tuirgin's Simple Gray Theme, who made some wonderful UI scaling changes to the official one by Moon Wizard, that I retained and slightly adjusted where needed.
    This Theme is still a work in progress, but usable without major showstoppers. My changes are currently exclusive to the 5e ruleset and made for FGU.
    While the Editions do work in FGC, fonts are badly readable or out of bounds, therefore I recommend using FGUnity.

    Who is it for?

    This theme should appeal to anyone who likes a dark, clean look. It is useful if you tend to play in dimmed rooms and don't want to melt your eyes with the rather bright official themes.

    Available Editions

    Preview: Neutrality Edition, Hearth Edition, Frostbite Edition.
    Preview: Cursed Edition, Bloodbath Edition, Walpurgisnacht Edition.

    • An orderly mind leads to great achievements! No distractions allowed with the Neutrality Edition!
    • Who needs a Fireball if you can just freeze them? You'll need your warm coat with the Frostbite Edition!
    • Sip your favorite ale next to a cozy fireplace! Get comfortable with the Hearth Edition!
    • Who said corpses were useless? Fulfill your necromantic urges with the Cursed Edition!
    • Isn't that supposed to be inside your body? Revel in the odor of gore and carnage with the Bloodbath Edition!
    • Add freshly cut fingernails and let it simmer! Test your new recipes with the Walpurgisnacht Edition! Download in Post #2 below.


    • Reduced, dark color palette.
    • Smaller sidebar with more space for icons (thx to Tuirgin).
    • Eye-friendly contrasts (at least 7:1 for fonts).
    • Completely redone UI elements. No soft edges, no rounded corners, no 3D Effects - simple, crisp and sharp.
    • Fonts replaced with Roboto Sans (FGC will use default fonts).
    • Font sizes and colors adjusted.

    Supported Extensions

    Compatability Information

    • If you are using Better Menus by Celestian, make sure it loads after my Theme by adjusting the loadorder accordingly (don't lower my theme below 100).

    Coming Soon

    In honor of Styrmir for his fantastic 5E Enhancer, two bright themes are in development.

    • Brighten up a little! Aquire Blindsight with the Sage Edition! (Alpha_Preview)
    • You'll need Permit A38! Study up on long lost wisdom with the Librarian Edition ! (Alpha_Preview)


    • Color Blind Editions for Protanopia, Deuteranopia and Tritanopia.
    • Easy to use template with documentation to make your very own Edition (still a long way off).

    Known Problems

    • CT and Charactersheet: Wound Status Colors not in line with Theme. (Will be fixed with 1.3 thx to MeAndUnique)
    • Calendar holiday color too dark in some editions. (Will be fixed with 1.3)
    • CT Client: HP, TMP and WND letters slightly misaligned.
    • Charactersheet - Push/Drag/Lift: Slightly cut-off letters.
    • Text, when highlighted, barely readable. (Will be fixed with 1.3 thanks to MeAndUnique)
    • Black Text cursor badly visible. Don't know how to fix this.
    • FGC only: Subwindow header font is black, thus badly readable - (entry works fine in FGU.)
    • Rob Twohy's modules with reference manual show white background (will be fixed with 1.3)
    • Cursed Edition (and maybe other Editions too?) CT: Effect "applied by" are still with black font. (Will be fixed with 1.3)
    • 4k resolutions are not (yet?) supported. You will need to fiddle around with scaling and font sizes to make the themes feasible at this resolution.

    Things to Consider

    If grey areas have a color hue, chances are, that your screen isn't properly calibrated.
    The theme was developed at 120 cd/m screen brightness for sRGB color space. Most monitors ship with brighter factory settings, but use whatever brightness you like, just keep in mind that things might not look like I had intended to.
    There are very good manual calibration helpers like Calibrize. Following the step by step process should put you on a solid foundation.
    For best results use tools like Spyder or X-Rite. Tip: They can be rented, if the price tag is not to your liking.

    Get Involved

    I highly value any kind of feedback!

    Tell me what you think of the Theme, voice your opinions, make requests, don't be shy!
    Found an Error? Please see post #3 below.

    NOTE: Development is currently halted, please be aware of this if you'd like to donate!

    The troops need coffee M'lord! Want to sponsor the war effort?
    PayPal War Chest

    Hall of Fame

    • The warriors raise a freshly brewed toast to cmtpcm, who contributed to the cause with a large gift of coffee!
    • Hushed voices whisper a glorious name. A supporter that aided the cause! Did you hear it too?
    • The scribes bow their heads in awe to Styrmir, MeAndUnique, mattekure, damned and Trenloe for their help and ingenuity with complex scripture.


    How to install
    Download any .ext file from below and put it into the extensions folder inside your FG data folder. Start FG and activate the extension in the launcher on the campaign details page.

    Changelog overview
    v0.6 - Initial Release
    v0.7 - Added missing Icons, minor changes to colors and icons, changes to font sizes.
    v0.8 - Added missing UI elements, adjusted font colors, adjusted some icons, some fixes.
    v0.9 - Fixed subhead font colors, improvements on icons and colors. Added missing UI Elements and Icons.
    v1.0 - Milestone - Theme is hereby considered usable without major issues. Added missing UI elements and icons, most notably in the CT. Adjustments to fonts and colors.
    v1.1 - Added Cold and Neutral Edition. Added missing icons, minor color changes, minor icon changes, added FGC Icons, changed extension names.
    + hotfixes for minor problems that don't count towards the version number.
    + Added Cursed Edition - Let your necromantic tendencies run wild!
    + Added Bloodbath Edition - Feast in the Halls of Slaughter!
    + Added Walpurgisnacht Edition - Fatten those brats and put them in the oven!
    v.1.2 - Calendar and much more fixed, added lots of icons, added extension support, smaller changes to icons.
    + FGU Loadorder Hotfix, please re-download the Edition(s) or change the loadorder entry in my extension.xml to 100 or more.
    + Added 1.3 Preview for Hearth Edition with minor quality of life changes.
    Last edited by SirMotte; February 20th, 2021 at 02:19.

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    Walpurgisnacht Edition - Make those cauldrons bubble, sisters!

    Files exchanged:
    Bloodbath Edition (43 views)
    Cursed Edition (54 views)
    Frostbite Edition (80 views)
    Hearth Edition (374 views)
    Neutrality Edition (75 views)
    Walpurgisnacht Edition (47 views)
    Last edited by SirMotte; January 30th, 2021 at 05:33.

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    How to report errors

    Either describe where and what, and/or simply send a screenshot that illustrates the problem.

    As this extension is mostly of cosmetic nature there should not be any incompatibilities. But never say never, in case you stumble across technical errors please follow these steps, then report here:

    • FGC or FGU?
      - FGC: If the issue is font related, there is currently no support in this regard by me, sorry.
      - FGU: Did you make sure my Theme loads after other extensions? It uses a loadorder value of 110. In rare cases other extensions need to load after my theme (like Better Menus).
    • Are you on the latest version of FG and the Theme?
    • Are you using the 5E ruleset?
      - Yes: Read below
      - No: Right now I do not support other rulesets but please report here anyway. I just might fix it, if it's not difficult to do so.
    • Have an Error-Log?
    • Got me a screenshot?
    • Are you using other extensions?
      - Yes: Does the error still occur when you disable all other extensions?
      - Yes: What is/are the conflicting extension/s?
      - No: Read below
    • When does the error occur and is it tied to a specific interface component?
    • Is the error reliably reproducible?
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    Great work there.

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    Well it’s certainly dark
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the customer support portal https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...stomer/portals

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    Quote Originally Posted by viresanimi View Post
    Great work there.
    Thanks! It will only get better .

    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    Well it’s certainly dark
    Yes it is! I added some information on screen brightness, as this theme is very sensitive in this regard.
    Last edited by SirMotte; May 18th, 2020 at 03:35.

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    Funny how a skin change can make something look 'old' or 'modern'. This looks modern.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity Lives! Good job, Smiteworks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three of Swords View Post
    Funny how a skin change can make something look 'old' or 'modern'. This looks modern.
    Thank you very much. I'm kinda shooting for a more modern look.
    Later down the line I may introduce a version that is a little bite more dynamic, talking simple color gradients and the like. No promises though .
    Last edited by SirMotte; May 18th, 2020 at 21:48.

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    Update to v0.7

    - Added missing Icons (still some to be done)
    - minor changes to colors
    - minor changes to icons
    - changes to font sizes
    - changes to font colors
    Last edited by SirMotte; May 24th, 2020 at 21:26.

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    Looking good! I'll have to give it a try.

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