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    [Theme 5E - WIP] SirMottes Perfect Dark Theme

    Now available here:

    Hey there fellow Adventurers,

    I'm currently working on a new theme for FGU called Perfect Dark. It is based on Tuirgin's Simple Gray Theme, which in turn is based on the official Simple Gray Theme. I plan to release it in 3 Versions: Warm, Neutral and Cold.
    It is currently very much a work in progress, but I think I can get the idea across.

    Who would want this?
    This theme should appeal to anyone that likes a clean dark look. It is useful if you tend to play in dimmed light conditions and don't want to melt your eyes with the rather bright official themes (looking at you 5E). .

    My changes are currently exclusive to the 5e rule-set and only tested in FGU.
    The pictures show the warm theme. If it does look cold or greenish to you, chances are, that your screen is not calibrated.
    • Contrast font to background at 7:1 or more for most elements, not the prettiest, but ensures readability at a wide range of resolutions and scaling factors.
    • All icons for 5E redone/altered for better clarity or cosmetic reasons
    • Will support different languages
    • All graphics redone for a more crisp experience, removing soft edges everywhere and eliminating rounded corners.
    • Fonts replaced with Roboto Sans
    • Font sizes adjusted
    • Font colors adjusted
    • I plan to support extensions at some point on request.

    Things to do:
    • Most icons and buttons must be recreated to be better readable (7:1 contrast preferred)
    • More appealing background graphic - still in experimentation phase.
    • Figure which xml entry corresponds to the last remaining black texts. (You guys have a clue?)
    • Adjustments to font size and colors - squash some oversights
    • Icons in different languages (on request)
    • Get rid of inconsistencies in regard to icon design and colors.

    I'm looking forward to your opinions!
    I plan to release the Theme within the next 2 weeks as a beta.


    Now available here:
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    I personally am not a fan of dark themes but that looks like a very well done theme - good job.

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