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    i id like to discuss playing hit me up on discord im thekingchris#3297 on discord looking forward to hearing from you. thanks

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    Heavily interested in any 3.5e and 5e games. If you have any slots open for either please reach out to me on Discord at: Flexy#3148. Thanks!

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    Would you run an Adventurer's League game (or 5)? My husband and I want to level up a little before GenCon this year! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 would be good for us. We have a few characters, but we can't use them in the DDAL games, so we're starting from scratch. We have a bard and an Eldritch Knight. I am currently DMing Lost Mines of Phandelver for our friends, so preferably not that setting. Would happily work in with other AL players if interested!

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    Want to team up for DDAL?

    Saw your post, sent a friend request on Discord (from IndyWitch). Maybe we can team up and do a few sessions together.

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