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    CoreRPG Coin Weight EXT

    Hello all,

    I found a coin weight ext that seems to work with MoreCORE, which im am currently using for my HB, and it auto adds the weight of coins. I found it on an old HD. The only problem is I need to change the weight ratios in MoreCORE. As of right now the coin weights are 1 to 1. Yikes!!. Im looking to be able to change it to 10-1 or whatever...

    The EXT had this included

    [Original extension by Cederic Zuger
    Modified and extended by Damned
    Adapted to CoreRPG by AiurJordan

    Speed is not an automatic updating column,
    you will need to change it manually.

    To change the weight of coins open coins_weight.lua
    in the scripts folder. Navigate to the comment that says
    It's at the bottom of the script, the 1 needs to be changed to
    the fractional weight you desire.
    10 coins = 1 weight : change number to 10
    50 coins = 1 weight : change number to 50

    To change the encumbrance tooltip you can edit
    edit char_tooltip_encumbrance to your desired encumbrance text.


    I cant seem to find the coins_weight.lua that is needed. I have looked in CoreRPG and MoreCORE .PAK and found zilch. Currencies.lua doesn't have what i need. Any help would be much appreciated and a big thank you to the creators of this EXT, its quite wonderful.

    Thanks all,


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    The .ext file is secretly a .zip file.
    Open it in 7zip or WinRAR or something and you'll see the folder you're looking for.

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    Thnx! I didn't know that. Ill will check that out.

    EDIT: Well, that was a wonderful piece of advice. Adjusted! It works just how I want it. Woot!. Thnx again dood!
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