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    How to create extensions?

    I'd like to create a Judge Dredd extension to WOIN ruleset. Former uses the latter. All I'd need is to change the character sheet theme (graphics only, probably no need to change the sheet xml itself), add equipment, exploits, skills, and some tables.

    Where do I start? Is there a basic guide?

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    There are also some videos on YouTube. The one I'm thinking of is creating a ruleset extension for MoreCore (Damned's Basic Role Playing??) www.fg-con.com has a simple Decal Extension Tutorial on its download page that is a very simple way to get started.

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    Thanks! I was able to change the decal and background at least. For skills, exploits and equipment I think mods are the best way to go.

    Any tips on how to replace the graphics of the character sheet? I got the code snipped which reference the .png from WOIN author (MadBeardMan). I understand I need to create an extension to override the char sheet graphics, but not sure how to proceed.

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