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    Request: Pointers in different colors


    Is there any extension that allows (a gm) to draw pointers in different colors? Or that allows a GM to draw a pointer in the color of a player?
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    No, pointers are actually tied to the user's color; and will change when they change colors.


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    Too bad, I hoped an extension might be able to allow multiple pointer colors. Does Unity support that (yet)?

    I played around with the layers extension and found it useful to place pointers on a different layer than tokens. But since players can only control the upper layer and the gm cannot create player pointers my players are stuck with their pointers still fighting for dominance with their tokens.

    Overall I use pointers for various area effects (auras, light). Being able to use different colors helps with overlapping pointers. One of my players handles his light source as a circle pointer himself, then I put a larger circle underneath it to mark the dim light area around that.

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    There is a reason why the Layers extension was never added to the base system; because it was a hack that needs special handling for players. I suggest turning it off, and focusing on the base features.

    The actual implementation of layers is in FGU; and will not be available in FGC.


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    Well, my main intention is to get better handling of pointers underneath tokens and the possibility for a gm to use different pointer colors. Layers indeed is a hack for that, but at long as FG does not offer any way to handle tokens and pointers better it seems to be the only one.

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