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    Using LOS maps in a campaign

    New member here. Hi hello . How do I as a dungeon master make LOS maps with encounter tokens for my players? I can't load 2 versions of unity anymore to check my work. What I want is to have the tokens hidden from my players until the players stumbled upon them. I am trying to run the "Lost mine of Phandelver" This is getting me super frustrated cause I can't figure it out so someone help save what's left of my sanity.

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    You can still run a localhost if you set your campaign to as a LAN game. Or, I am told, if you just start a second session and join you game through the Lobby to check from a players perspective.

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    No need to install a second copy. Just start another instance of FGU, and then as Bonkon says, just connect to your own game as a player.

    Even with one instance, you should still be able to add a token from the CT and turn on LOS and see what it sees.

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    All of the encounters in LMoP are prepared for you. All you need do is activate the encounter when the party enter the area that the encounter takes place in. Your players will only see the tokens when you make them visible on the Combat Tracker.

    See these videos for more information and particularly videos two, four and five
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