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    Starship combat question - applying damage to shields


    I've been testing out combat between 2 ships. When I attack the players ship, I am asked which arc to apply the damage to.

    When the players ship attacks me, however, there is no request for which arc to apply the damage to. Is this step supposed to be manual ?


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    Never mind - found my answer on the new Wiki. Looks like I have to manually apply the damage to my ship. The way it is applied to the player ship is nice - too bad it doesn't work both ways.

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    It does work both ways. Are you rolling the attack and damage from the character sheet?
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    I was rolling it from the starship combat tracker.

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    make sure you have the combat tracker open all the way for each ship so that you see the messages.
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    I didn't see this mentioned in your report, but targeting is a must as well.
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