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    A little +1 in an oval in a corner sounds like what I call the "CRTL adjustment". If you hover your mouse over the number, hold CRTL and use the mouse wheel up/down, it adjusts the number there, same with taking it off, just roll the mouse wheel while holding CRTL until you're at zero.
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    hover mouse pointer over and ctrl+scroll wheel down

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    Won't change. Only the main box will move up and down not the +1 in the oval at the top right corner.
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    The speed also has an entry on the main tab, maybe there the adjustment was made and needs to be corrected there. Apart of that the answer still is the same, that extra bubble is solved by hovering your mouse over it, holding CRTL and using the mouse wheel.
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    In Unity the "hovering your mouse over it, holding CTRL mouse wheel" does not work. I had this issue weeks ago and its also reported here:

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