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    Hi, targeting with CTRL + Left click stopped working. If I do it, distance measurement will appear as usually, but the enemy is not really targeted/untargeted. Dragging target button on the enemy works fine, though.
    I'm not seeing this seeing this behavior on my end. Do you have any extensions loaded? And it would help if you could share your campaign to see if I can reproduce it. Targeting is exclusively a CoreRPG thing so I'm not sure what might have changed to make it not work.

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    This is awkward - my apologies. Restarting solved the issue.

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    I can no longer use the combat tracker- I cannot remove anything from it, I cannot place tokens on the map from it, and I cannot see actions anymore. It looks like an update to the UI has messed up the rules set. I have attached the compiled error log.
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    I just rushed to put together a hot fix that I believe will address the issue. Please run a new Check for Updates, and give it another try.


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    Apologies, started new thread with bug report rather than posting here (doh) called:

    "Altered State Extension possible bug or issue"

    Can you take a look.


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    This has been moved to ICRPG Extensions thread.

    Last edited by joeblack1863; December 18th, 2022 at 20:46. Reason: Move content to correct thread.

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    Those errors are from the ICRPG_DarkTheme extension; which does not appear to be part of the official product in the store. It looks like you got this extension from the FG Forge (community provided mods/extensions).

    Per the Forge entry, the community developer who made the extension stated that any reports of issues for the Forge item should be reported here:


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    I'm out of town right now but I'll check this when i get back later this week. I'm the meantime I recommend using SirMottes Heath theme

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    Thank you for the quick reply, I will do as you suggest and use SirMottes Hearth theme. It is no rush, just wanted to make you aware.

    I have moved the content to the right location, as per Moon Wizard and have done the same for the Altered State error report so they are both now under ICRPG Extensions thread.



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