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    Quote Originally Posted by Houndy View Post
    Just thought I would give a quick update. I wanted to release this on Sunday, but when recording video tutorial I found a bug, which has been driving me nuts!

    I also started a new job yesterday, I am going to work on it this morning and if I can get the bug fixed I will release the first alpha build. I have done a lot more of it than I originally said in the first post.

    It will tick off spell slots at the casted level.

    In terms of paladin smite - the way I use this in my campaign is that our paladin has an Effect, so it it would not work.

    In the first release, I cannot see how it will properly support Smite, but should be able to support in subsequent releases.
    Very cool, looking forward to it! Don't push yourself too hard though.

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    Hi, very nice look forward to your release!

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    It will be good, I can feel it...
    Looking forward to it!

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    sounds awesome, especially for newer players that don't understand up casting.
    I can't wait to add this to my campaigns.

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    Looking forward to the eventual release.

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    Finally had a break through.

    Been having real issues with continuity between player database and the host database. Had a weird bug, where in part of the players code one my nodes was updated as expected, but in another it wasn't. Strange strange stuff that I just couldnt get around.
    Eventually I came to the realisation that if it works when the DM does it, why not just do an OOB and make the DM always do it, so thats what I did. After 10s of hours lesson learned, use OOB more in the future haha.

    Anyway, I will get the initial alpha release out in the week. I will be recording tutorial and as long as I do not find another bug (like I did last time) I will release it.

    As I will mention when released, please note this is alpha and a lot more work to be done to get it where I would like, and I am sure all of you would like .
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    This looks extremely useful, looking forward to this one.

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    Man, subbed to this thread. I am really anticipating this. If there's anyway I can help (gruntwork like gathering images, data entry, whatever), hit me up and I'll help out if I can.

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    +1 for looking forward to this (but secretly hoping that they bake your add-on in to the game!)

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