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    5E Cast at a Higher Level

    5E - Cast at a Higher level - Cast spells at a higher level and automatically tick off the spell slot (coming soon)

    Hi all,

    So my computer died when I was in the middle of coding an update for my other extension ( and because I hadnt saved the code to a cloud, I decided to wait until it was fixed to go back and work on that.

    So for the last few days I have been working on another extension using my laptop , which is Cast at a higher level. The idea is to allow you to cast a spell at a higher level if available.

    I am going to label this as ALPHA for now and I am close to a first release, but as I have to also recreate my campaign and notes for my players it may still be a few more days.

    Please note that as this uses text to parse, this is going to be an incremental process, where I will need to rely on people messaging on here with particular spell text for me to create new logic.

    The first release will:
    • Parse the spell description and add a drop down menu next to valid spells, to select a higher level, this will adjust the damage for when you select it and output a message to let everyone know it was cast at a higher level.
    • Tick off a spell slot automatically once cast (if option is selected).

    The spell text (for now) will only work for damage spells and must be in the form:

    At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 1st.

    Where 2nd level and 1d6 can be exchanged.

    For now it will not work if:

    • Healing spell
    • Damage changes at increments other than "for each slot level above".
    • The spell has two different types of damage (e.g. ice knife).

    I do not want to have to go through every spell and work out the text, so if you find a spell which isn't in the above form, please let me know and I will see about including it in a near future release.

    Video tutorials:
    Coming Soon

    Previous Version : Unreleased
    Latest Version: Unreleased


    • Allow healing
    • Allow increments other than one level
    • Incorporate spells where there are two types of damage (e.g. ice knife)
    • Include spells that dont do damage/healing (mainly to allow for auto ticking of the right spell slot).
    • UI interface to manually edit the cast at a higher level, rather than fully relying on the text


    COMPATIBILITY LIST (As far as I know, please let me know if issues)


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    Sounding good Houndy,
    I'll shove this one under the nose of my DM

    Cheers, Steve.

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    love this! Looking forward to checking it out.

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    Can't wait to try this!

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    This is going to be VERY useful. Can't wait!

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    Definitely looking forward to this one!

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    Will it tick off the spell slot of casted at base level?
    Will you be adding things like Paladin smite?

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    Just thought I would give a quick update. I wanted to release this on Sunday, but when recording video tutorial I found a bug, which has been driving me nuts!

    I also started a new job yesterday, I am going to work on it this morning and if I can get the bug fixed I will release the first alpha build. I have done a lot more of it than I originally said in the first post.

    It will tick off spell slots at the casted level.

    In terms of paladin smite - the way I use this in my campaign is that our paladin has an Effect, so it it would not work.

    In the first release, I cannot see how it will properly support Smite, but should be able to support in subsequent releases.

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