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    Eraser Tool?

    Forgive me if this is clearly explained elsewhere, but I simply can't find it - so I'm posting here in hope of some help.

    I have seen mention that there is a way to erase the "pen" tool that is used to draw on images, and presumably a way to remove arrows/pointers/etc. from images also (those added within FG). While I have no trouble dealing with tokens, I simply cannot find erasers for the other drawing options! Can anyone tell me where they might be found?

    Many thanks, and apologies once again if I'm asking a question to which the answer is lying in front of me!

    Loving the Fantasy Grounds software, by the by.

    -- VS

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    There is an eraser, to see it you need to get to drawing in mode by opening a map. The simplest way to get there after the map is open is to click and hold down the right mouse button this opens up the radial menu, still holding the button down drag the mouse down over the drawing button (at 6 o'clock) then drag down again to enter Drawing mode (also at 6 o'clock) and then let go of the mouse button. You should see the feather quill cursor to confirm you are in drawing mode. You might want to draw a scrible or two to give you something to erase.

    While in drawing mode, right click and hold to bring up the radial menu again then drag the mouse down to drawing and over at 9 o'clock you should see Erase. Drag the mouse over there and select erase. The mouse pen will still look like a feather. Click and drag the mouse to see a red line. If you do you are in erase mode.

    What may be confusing you is that this tool is a lasso erase, not a pencil type erase. It's actually more useful than a pencil erase once you get the hang of it because it will erase anything inside the polygon enclosed by the red line. You don't have to draw the last part of the polygon because when you let go the mouse it will automatically connect the first and last points you drew. If this is confusing to you, experiment by drawing something and then drawing a red line around it with the erase tool and letting go. Then make some more marks and draw a half a circle around it with the eraser and let go. You should get the idea.

    Also, if you are using the tool and start drawing the red line and realize you are erasing the wrong thing, if you hit the escape key it will clear the red line.

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    Aha! Many thanks. Right under my nose 'n all. Tush, never mind. Thank you for the response.

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