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    Also LFG (one-shot)... I have played a couple 3.5e campaigns and DM'd two as well. I'd gladly play 5e if you're OK with me learning as I go.

    Mainly I want to learn the FantasyGrounds system a bit so I can convert the in-person 3.5e campaign I had been running before COVID to FG.

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    I'm a new player looking for a 5E group. Tonight has magically opened if anyone is available!

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    I would love to join to a 5Eame, new to FG

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    Yea all around noob, looking for experience so I can start a gaming group. I have some 5E exposure but I’m down for anything.

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    Hi, guys.
    Old grognard here. I've played a lot in the past and have been trying to get back in the game.
    I've had some exposure to 5e, but no experience neither with FG nor any other form of remote RPGing. I'm looking forward to trying it, though.

    The Rhapsode.

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