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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsuuk View Post
    This removes the error due to the comments. If I find anything else, I will post it. I am tracking changes in my local git.
    I expect I will look at the warnings about anchors as well when I get to those files.

    Right now, I am taking your awesome work as the starting point for a S&W MoreCore adaptation that another community member asked me to modify for him to use.
    Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn't getting the error myself so hard to know if this fixes anything, but I have applied the updates you provided to record_npc.xml, also found embedded comments in record_pcclass.xml and changed them. I've uploaded the new package to the original post.

    Really pleased to hear you're developing this into a S&W MoreCore module, can't wait to see what you do with it. There's loads more that could be done with enough time...

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    Another thing I ran into was use of "." in the name="xxxx" attribute. I replaced them (in the one file I looked at) with "_" when I added a similar thing.

    More info on this is on my last post, I had at first thought it was from MoreCore that I grabbed it.

    If you are using eclipse or an editor that can take regular expressions, search on this:
    name=\".*\..*\" (I added the underlining to help make clearer the extra space at end)

    and it will catch that sort of naming.
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    I have a problem.

    I've installed MoreCore and the OSE extension.

    I get the following error when I open a class:

    Script Error: [string "ref_pcclass_stats"]:1: unexpected symbol near ';'

    I get another error when I press on the lock icon on the class:
    Script Error: [string "pcclass"]:1: attempt to call field 'update' (a nil value)

    Any help in debugging it will appreciated.

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    When I use the Pregenerated Characters in the Library, then I have an empty Character in the "Characters" tab. I think that's how it should be. I use FGU.
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