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    I described it in the private message I sent you.

    Using the latest MoreCore, add the OSE extension (first message from this thread), and add the .mod file I sent you. Within FG, inside the library, you can "activate" the mod and be able to add NPCs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durhazz View Post
    I have another error. When I use the MoreCore Dungeon theme i get this error:Attachment 48547 any know fixes or work arounds? This error only occurs on log in to FGU.
    Must be specific to FG Unity as the Dungeon theme works fine in the Classic version.

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    Is there a way to create effects with Morecore and OSE like a +1 or -1 effect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durhazz View Post
    Is there a way to create effects with Morecore and OSE like a +1 or -1 effect?
    Upper Right Panel, under "Mod".


    Box to the right of the text entry is your +/- modifier to rolls. If you want to apply an effect to a roll, select the +- button on the left of the text and roll as you would normally (attacks, saving throws, ability checks, etc.)

    For Status Effects, look under the Upper Right Panel "FX" (or something similar): It'll allow you to name/define the Effect and the Duration. This will be draggable onto the Effect subtab of the Combat Tracker character/NPC sheets.
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    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

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    Further digging into the Encounter/NPC code break

    So, further digging into the Encounter/NPC code break, I unzipped the CoreRPG ruleset and found the file/reference the error produces - "campaign/scripts/encounter_npclist.lua" which looks like this:

    	if draginfo.isType("shortcut") then
    		local sClass,sRecord = draginfo.getShortcutData();
    		NPCManager.addLinkToBattle(window.getDatabaseNode(), sClass, sRecord);
    		return true;
    and the actual addLinkToBattle function (in CoreRPG's "manager_npc.lua" file)

    function addLinkToBattle(nodeBattle, sLinkClass, sLinkRecord, nCount)
    	local sTargetNPCList = LibraryData.getCustomData("battle", "npclist") or "npclist";
    	if sLinkClass == "battle" then
    		local nodeTargetNPCList = DB.createChild(nodeBattle, sTargetNPCList);
    		for _,nodeSrcNPC in pairs(DB.getChildren(DB.getPath(sLinkRecord, sTargetNPCList))) do
    			local nodeTargetNPC = DB.createChild(nodeTargetNPCList);
    			DB.copyNode(nodeSrcNPC, nodeTargetNPC);
    			if nCount then
    				DB.setValue(nodeTargetNPC, "count", "number", DB.getValue(nodeTargetNPC, "count", 1) * nCount);
    		local bHandle = false;
    		local sLinkSourceType = NPCManager.getNPCSourceType(sLinkRecord);
    		if sLinkSourceType == "npc" then
    			bHandle = true;
    			local aCombatClasses = LibraryData.getCustomData("battle", "acceptdrop") or { "npc" };
    			if StringManager.contains(aCombatClasses, sLinkSourceType) then
    				bHandle = true;
    			elseif StringManager.contains(aCombatClasses, sLinkClass) then
    				return false;
    		if bHandle then
    			local sName = DB.getValue(DB.getPath(sLinkRecord, "name"), "");
    			local nodeTargetNPCList = DB.createChild(nodeBattle, sTargetNPCList);
    			local nodeTargetNPC = DB.createChild(nodeTargetNPCList);
    			DB.setValue(nodeTargetNPC, "count", "number", nCount or 1);
    			DB.setValue(nodeTargetNPC, "name", "string", sName);
    			DB.setValue(nodeTargetNPC, "link", "windowreference", sLinkClass, sLinkRecord);
    			local nodeID = DB.getChild(sLinkRecord, "isidentified");
    			if nodeID then
    				DB.setValue(nodeTargetNPC, "isidentified", "number", nodeID.getValue());
    			local sToken = DB.getValue(DB.getPath(sLinkRecord, "token"), "");
    			if sToken == "" or not Interface.isToken(sToken) then
    				local sLetter = StringManager.trim(sName):match("^([a-zA-Z])");
    				if sLetter then
    					sToken = "tokens/Medium/" .. sLetter:lower() .. "[email protected] Tokens";
    					sToken = "tokens/Medium/[email protected] Tokens";
    			DB.setValue(nodeTargetNPC, "token", "token", sToken);
    			return false;
    	return true;
    So it's either breaking on the DatabaseNode, the Class, or the Record. Since this works in native MoreCore (which is probably calling these nodes correctly), it's something inside the OSE handler for NPCs that is missing data in one of these 3 things - which is weird because it looks like basic data handling (you can still drag NPCs, by their shortcuts, into the Combat Tracker).

    How MoreCore displays NPCs in Encounters.

    I think OSE has some kind of missing/broken link to any of the elements shown in the MoreCore Encouter/NPCs : The token, the # of NPCs, the name string, the ID, the Faction, the Skull shortcut (to the individual NPC stats)

    Where these are stored/defined in the OSE rules, I do not know. Some kind of definition file for NPC data OR the way the NPC data is handled (like the above manager_npc.lua file). From what I can see inside the OSE ruleset, there doesn't seem to be any custom handler so it relies on the CoreRPG/MoreCore functionality and breaks due to a disconnect of fields/datatypes stored.

    Really wish the Extension creator hadn't abandoned their code for a year.

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    Ok I have found and fixed the NPC/Encounter issue.
    Uploading to the first post now.

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    Thanks you so much!

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    Awesome Thank you damned!

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    Hi all, I've been following this thread since I am interested in getting into OSE sometime in the future. Just wondering, is it possible to load up the existing classic D&D FG modules in the MoreCore/OSE ruleset? For instance any of the converted B/E adventures, or the AD&D adventures?

    From what I understand, AD&D 1e/2e is pretty easy to convert and run those modules in OSE, but not sure if those modules are supported by MoreCore.

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