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    The only thing I can think of (what I would do in your place) is try and double check your control of the router. I think RV is probably right that it is what is stealthing your port.

    I would find the default password and setup for your router then press the hardware reset. Reprogram the router to your specifications and see it that does anything. I don't want to tell you to do this, you have to be comfortable with it because if your router is wierded up you wont have access to the internet to ask questions\get help.

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    Did you forward TCP, UDP, or both?
    What about temporarily placing your PC in a DMZ (only if you understand what this means though)?

    Otherwise I would try plugging your modem directly into the PC and bypassing the router. If it works you know its the router. If it still doesn't you know its some software or setting on the PC.

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    I'll try connecting the modem to pc when I can get the courage to go into the tangle of wires back there >_< and I opened TCP, and my pc is in a DMZ

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