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    Extension FG3 (CoreRPG) : Mutant Year Zero

    PC character sheet compatible for MYZ, GenLab, Mechatron & Elysium.

    Thanks to ianmward, you can find his original extension for Mutant Year Zero here : https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Dice-Mechanic

    The extension : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wf8wed00el...rZero.ext?dl=0
    The charsheet : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1uugi2uyfp...20MYZ.zip?dl=0

    The tutorial (some glitch noise, sorry): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4khf9oxpmj...orial.mp4?dl=0
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    Great work! That is a beautiful skin, you've made there.

    Vires Animi

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    This is lovely but my gear dice symbol is superimposed over the standard dice graphic so you cannot select it.

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    I think there is a problem with the radial menu. I renamed the d60 to d65 to have it at the bottom. Unfortunately, the d65's name will be dispatch everywhere you drop the die (d65 so, in tables for example).

    Remember it's d60 and not d66, you'll have to increment a d60 (d65 so) then a d6 to have d66 results.
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    Otherwise this is a really great upgrade on the older ruleset.

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    How did you rename the dice in the radial menu?? (sorry if this is a bit of a thread necro)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miko_Chan View Post
    How did you rename the dice in the radial menu?? (sorry if this is a bit of a thread necro)
    I'm not sure about the question but :
    - Base die = d61
    - Skill die = d62
    - Gear die = d63

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    That's the problem, everytime I try to use the skill die, or select it to put it in the character sheet, it just goes back to the regular d6 menu instead.

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    well the problem as I see is that d62 on the radial menu, just goes back to the d6 menu. And the "go back" arrow tries to roll something called a d64??

    it seems to mostly be a graphical glitch and I don't know lua very well or I'd try to poke under the hood and fix it.

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