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    Looking to get a Starfinder game game going.

    I am new to both F.G. and Starfinder, but I really want to learn both. I have experience playing pathfinder in person with a group, but with what is going on now, I thought this would be a great time to learn both. I live in P.S.T.

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    Hi there! I'm also interested in learning starfinder. I have a lot of experience both playing and DMing 5e but I'd really love to be a player in starfinder.

    M adult accustomed to mature games

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    If I can get enough people to reply and commit I would love to get the game going.

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    I’d be interested in playing as a player. EST here!

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    Hello. i am interested to try game. I have never played it before but am a little familiar with the mechanics of the game. If you are patient and want to help a beginner then I am ready. can play Monday - Wednesday from 10pm and Sunday from 5pm. GMT

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    I've played a little bit of Starfinder. Love it, would like to join in your game if it gets going.

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    Looks like we have enough people willing to play, we just need a G.M. now. Hopefully we can get some who wants to run it.

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    love starfinfder, pretty new to it. open most evenings.
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    Let me know if you find one. My discord is WookieBush #2013

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    Need GM

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