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    I just posted a simple extension that allows you to create clickable links to any URL or file on your disk. The generated links can be dragged onto story entries or any formatted text field.

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    Mattekure came through with a simple and easy to use little external link builder that can replace the DOE: OLE Extension. It is actually easier to use which is a bonus.

    Check it out - MK Linker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr0W View Post
    One thing I missed from those extensions was the ability to set up a shop with items that players could drag and drop, and it would automatically remove their money. Is there any other extension with this feature?
    It's not as elegant as the DOE shops extension but you can make parcels with the item you want and its cost as negative gold. The players can then drag that to their inventory to get the item and subtract the gold. You have to do a separate parcel for each item so its time consuming but it can work.

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    I am new to Fantasy Grounds, pretty much but used Tabletop Audio EXTENSIVELY in my real world games. Is there ANY way to use that website INSIDE Fantasy Grounds or Discord, perhaps, so that my players here the sounds effects I set off?

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