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    The Ultimate Gear Guide

    So I have been adding new items to the Classic DND ruleset and have noticed that there is a ton of stuff that I miss from the old days. I have began putting together all of these items into a single module that can be added to the ruleset. I have removed items that are already part of the any of the official books (weapons, armor, and so on). These items will all be listed properly for use in the Gear section of the ruleset.

    Status I will keep this up to date until the entire equipment list is completed.
    Tavern and Inn

    Storage Items

    Adventuring Gear
    Alchemical Lab

    Scribe Equipment
    Raw Materials

    Services and Wages

    Misc. Equipment
    Spellcasting Services
    Siege Weapons

    Descriptions of all items
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    Containers now completed

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    Damn that's one huge backpack.

    Nice work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Damn that's one huge backpack.

    Nice work!
    Yeah lol I noticed it is supposed to be 90 ... I'll fix with next version

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    Dang I had actually almost started doing this, luckily I had too many projects on my plate so it got put on a back burner. Its nice to see more people putting together 2E Modules to help DMs run more dynamic campaigns. I was also toying with the idea of creating tables that would generate random shop inventory.
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