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    For now the group is full, but if any openings happen I'll post again! Thank you all for being interested!

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    I take it if I haven't received a PM from you then I shouldn't pencil in time, correct?

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    Yeah sorry I woke up to a bunch of messages. but if any openings happen I'll let you know.

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    I'm all for it! add me on discord to chat more, TheDarkDungeon#4675

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glapion Collective View Post
    I'm interested. One question, have you run Strahd before? In AL it has a reputation, along with Tomb of Annihilation, as a character killer of a module. It's up there with most loved and most feared of modules.

    Thank you
    I can understand AL and a module being a character killer meat grinder are a great concern. But outside of AL, an adventure should very much be feared and character death be a real concern. Otherwise in-game actions and choices become less relevant: (i.e. we can attack everything - even those things we shouldnt when down on our resources - cuz characters can't die or the DM won't let our PCs die or whatever).

    Some adventures, and some DMs homebrew/style - like Strahd - require a different more tactful approach then just kicking in doors and murder-hoboing everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNobleWolf View Post
    For now the group is full, but if any openings happen I'll post again! Thank you all for being interested!
    Yah and Undermountain! Remember that one? I loved running that adventure - ran all of it. Lots of pain. That the bees knees of character grinding until Rapan Athuk took that crown in 3rd edition. Still the crown IMO.

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    I am interested if you still have any spots available. I just have one question, will you be running the campaign on FG classic or ultimate?

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    I'm in, if your group isn't full yet.

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    I'm a bit late to the party, so no issue if you're already full. I'd love to join. I'm just looking at FGU for the first time to see if I want to buy it and would love to have some hands on experience. I do have D&D table top experience, just have never used a VTT before.

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