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    Hi @T1Katana556,

    I'm interested in the game and can play at the times mentioned!

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    I would like to join. Very new to VTTRPG (but not to RPGs). Very Tech savvy so I learn FAST!

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    Definitely keen.. Used to DM for D&D3.5 20 years ago!! So quite new to 5e, have played a game on roll20 but want to try FGC or FGU

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    i would be interested.
    we shall meet
    sometime, somewhere
    here or there..

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    1st edition veteran,5E dm ,new to FG.
    Looking to play .
    East coast.

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    LFG for RPG fun times!

    Hi, super new to FG, looking for RPG fix!!

    Mature - human male lvl 40+ - AD&D, DD3.5, played >20years ago. Recently a tiny amount of 5e.

    I would like to play and would strive to learn how to use FG.

    Interested in playing a cleric, druid or paladin class as primary interest. Second would be sorcerer, mage. Open to ideas on alternatives if required.

    I am EST and can play most evenings after 6pm, weekends I can play from 3pm way into the early hours so long as we are all having a good time. Sunday maybe my cut off is 1-2am just so I can get enough beauty sleep.

    If you think I could fit into a group you have planned I would love to participate in a lengthy campaign taking characters from zero to hero! Looking to have fun and maybe make some new friends on the journey.

    Good luck with your recruitment.

    /rolls dice
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