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    I new to FG, but been playing 5e for a while now.

    Available most days at 8pm est

    I like, in no particular order; Rogue, Paladin, warlock, cleric, fighter. I tend to fill in any gaps I perceive in the party though.

    I thoroughly enjoy roleplay and get very into character. I also try to help the dm with smaller things if able so they can focus on more important questions and whatnot. Hope to here from you!

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    New to FG (C/U) and trying to learn as I have a home game that I am looking to convert to FG (with lockdown in place).
    West Coast (Time available: M-F 3pm-10pm)
    Played D&D for multiple Decades.

    Let me know if, when, and where I can join. (including discord chats and such).

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    We in the SF bay area just got the news our lockdown is extended to the end of May, so yeah, looking for some gaming. I'm PST but rarely awake before noon and regularly awake well past 2am. I have a Sunday gig but every other day is open. I've been playing D&D since 1978 but a rank amateur with FG. I prefer the more organic of home brew sandbox but understand what a royal pain that is to create. I'm good with whatever creative environment you want to run; overland, dungeon, city, etc. I have Discord and the middle license for FG (not free, not ultimate). I prefer Wizards but can RP the other types as well (fighter, cleric, rogue, bard).

    Thankyou for your consideration

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    I'm interested if your still looking for people. I enjoy playing wizard, bard, fighter, barbarian, monk. or rouge. I have years of experience in 5e and other systems but none on fantasy grounds although I understand the basic mechanics of the platform. I'm available most days late afternoon to evening est just not looking for late night games that go into the next day let me know if you have any questions.

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    I'd be interested in a Sunday game. I'm in NC also. I'm open to whatever class isn't taken already.

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    Very interested - Experienced and dedicated role player looking for a consistent campaign with consistent players. Willing to create an elaborate backstory character from scratch or play one made to fit the campaign. Feel free to shoot me a message!

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    I am interested. I live in orange county. Time and day is negotiable.

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    I'm down! I'm working on a Tabaxi Monk character but I would be down to play whatever.

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