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    D&D 5E DM Ready For Players

    Fantasy Grounds Ultimate Edition .... Discord.... DM Ready for Players....
    Already purchased D&D 5E Bundle DMG< PH>MM>MTOF>XGTE> and also AGTSC>ABM>DP....
    Available 6 days a week , 12:00 noon to 1:00 am E.S.T. so sessions will be based on player needs...(your welcome)
    4 to 6 Players (Regularly available/Full time) Wanted...Single session or sporadic players also welcome as well...(sorta)
    hit me up here @T1Katana556 regular players ie. more than 4 weeks playing 2-3 times a week will receive....(you'll see)
    And finally x2 to x10 exp. Bonus for immersive roll playing and creativity....

    thanks , Katana

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    is this for Unity? I am interested. never used this before. are you willing to let me learn?

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    Hollo new to FG but I have two years of D&D experience and I am itching to play

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    I'd be interested. I have experience as a DM and a player in FGC, I just need to know what times and days. Also do you intend to do modules or is this homebrew universe?

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    Tell us a little more about what kinda campaign you want to run, but colour me interested for the moment.

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    Hi, I would be interested in joining

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    time and days you can be available?
    character class you prefer?

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    Hiya! Definitely interested...
    D&D 5e, West Coast, USA

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