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    Iconic Grimmsgate Physical module IGG

    This one is already available in pdf but the new printing is now available ONLY during the IGG period in deluxe softcover for 5E, PF1 and Swords & Wizardry editions.

    $19 + shipping for one book (any edition) or $32+ Shipping for 5E & PF1 together)

    Itís a great great intro module with a great dungeon.


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    Last three days!

    If you want a print version of Grimmsgate, an iconic OSR style dungeon written by the creator of Swords & Wizardry, Matt Finch - head on down to IndieGoGo.

    Like other FGG IndieGoGo campaigns, these are to produce high quality shiny softcovers with cool art and maps. These will NOT be sold on their store site as physical copies, only as PDFs after the campaign.

    Do not miss out if you are interested. $19 gets you one version (S&W/5E or PF) $32 gets you 5E & PF versions. If want all three or S&W + one of the other two - back it 2x and they will refund the extra shipping on second one and give you the $6 difference back on the card as well (they can't modify existing pledges and didn't think that needed to IGG the S&W version as they sold that physically in the store from 2013-2019 and still had the PDFs for sale. Turns out many like me wants the new art and maps and quality print.

    You can also order the 5E version here on FG Store!


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