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    I'm also rooting for Fly Free Or Die next. Just curious, what are the chances that it might come out for FG before Devastation Ark?

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    I am going to power through the last Threefold and the Devastation arc. Now that Alien Archive 4 is "Close" to being done, I will have more time. I want to run the Fly Free or Die AP as well. Soon™
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    Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it.

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    Thank you!

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    Awesome I have not been this excited about an adventure path as I am for Fly free or die.

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    Comming soon.
    Starfinder Location extension. This will allow all the Worlds in Pact World, Near Space and adventures that have them.
    This is in prep for Deck of Many Worlds.
    Hope to put out the Location extension this week, wrapping this up getting close.
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