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    Hi everyone! Finally added Vehicle updates. If you pull down the latest update, 4.8, it should give the following:

    • Updated vehicle windows to have SDP, Armor (if upgraded), MOVE, Attacks (if upgraded), Size (for how many squares it takes up on the map) and # of Seats
    • You can click and drag Vehicles to the combat tracker
    • Adding a vehicle to the CT creates an ad-hoc "NPC" representation of it there, with the token (set to the size as specified), HP set as SDP, Move/Speed, and armor values set as the Armor. If attacks were added, those are there too.
    • Vehicles will not get critical injuries

    Screenshot: Vehicles.jpg
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    Just pushed a quick 4.9 update that addresses some bugs I noticed when users replace the "parcel_label_eddies" string in an extension to override "eb" with something else.
    If you do this in an extension now, it should work properly everywhere (character sheets, parcels, party sheet.)

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    Version 5 just released, it's a major enhancement adding much needed Ammo automation:

    • A drop down to select Ammo for all ranged skill attacks on the Attacks part of the Character Sheet has been added
    • Clicking reload no longer looks for hardcoded "Basic" named ammo, instead, it looks for the ammo that you have selected in the drop down
    • The dropdown is populated automatically with a list of ammo types in your inventory that match the weapon’s "Magazine Type"
    • For shotguns, it will also look for "Shell" in addition to the main magazine type (i.e. "Slug")
    • Ammo has a new "Damage Type" field on the items window
    • If an ammo is selected that has a Damage Type field set on it, then this Damage Type will override the weapon's usual Damage Type (UNLESS you are using Autofire or Shell attacks with a special attack damage/type set for it)
    • To support ammo damage types, 3 new damage types were added
      • ABLATEX - Ablates armor by X when dealing damage that gets through, instead of 1. The ABLATE:X effect overrides this.
      • SUBDUALX - Similar to SUBDUAL, but if they have X HP remaining, they get the Mortally Wounded status instead of "Unconscious". (For use with Rubber Ammunition, i.e. SUBDUAL1).
      • EXPANSIVE - If the "Foreign Object" injury is rolled, another one is also rolled and applied.
    • All ammo types (and parcels that include them) have been updated to use the new types (Incendiary now uses "ignite2", Rubber uses, "subdual1,nocrit", Armor Piercing uses "ablate2", and Expansive uses "expansive")
    • New buttons on the Items window added to display items All By Type, All Weapons, All Armor, or all other equipment (neither weapons nor armor)
    • Numerous "edge case" bugs fixed regarding attacks (specifically special attacks for autofire/shell)
    • Added an "Other" type for items that don't fit the other categories

    Screenshot of Expansive ammo being used: ExpansiveDmg.jpg
    Screenshot of Items by Type: ItemsByType.jpg

    Edit: I have ideas to add automation for poison/bio toxin/sleep/flash/teargas ammo, to come in another update.
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    Heads up -- if anyone was using the Bows/Crossbows from the "Roles and Items Module" (or copied them to your own) I noticed the DVs in there mistakenly had the Sniper Rifle DVs (oops!) Fixed that with latest build.

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    Today I put out a quick update, v5.1. The new addition is that we now have a new `resistX` damage type, and damage can be dragged/dropped properly from the chat window now.

    • Added the damage type RESISTX - This damage causes the enemy to roll a "Resist Torture/Drugs" check vs the DV (defined by X). If they fail, they take the damage direct to their HP, and does not ablate armor. (Used by some ammo, ex: "2d6 resist13" for Poison Arrow, and "0 resist15" for Flashbang.)
    • "Roles and Items" module updated so that Biotoxin/Poison/Flashbang/Sleep/Teargas use the `resistX` damage type. (EMP doesn't have it's own damage type... yet.)
    • Damage Type is now output to the Chat (for those items/attacks that have it set) so that you can drag/drop damage from the chatbox to a target to apply it that way as well.
    • Ammunition type items have been updated so the the "Damage Type" field (now labeled as "Damage") can override either Damage, Damage Type, or both of the weapon. (Ex: "ignite2" just overrides the weapon's damage type, "2d6" just overrides the damage, and "2d6 resist13" would override the damage and the type. Blank overrides neither.)
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