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    Are you going to mention this to celestian
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    Sorry I don’t know who that is. Is there a protocol I should be following?

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    Posted on the ‘Better Menu’ forum page for you.

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    Not sure if it's been mentioned previously in this thread, but the use of "COS" instead of "CON" bugged me, so I fixed it for myself

    If you want to do the same change, here's the steps:

    1. Extract "scripts/rfia_roll_manager.lua" from the ext file (it's a zip file)
    2. Edit the file and change "COS" to "CON"
    3. Put the file back in the ext zip.

    A rough cmdline guideline using Linux:

    mkdir tmp
    cd tmp
    unzip 5e_Roll_For_Initiative_Addon_V0.19.ext
    mv 5e_Roll_For_Initiative_Addon_V0.19.ext ..

    ...edit the scripts/rfia_roll_manager.lua file

    zip -fr ../5e_Roll_For_Initiative_Addon_V0.19.ext .

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    I don't know if this would be a feature request to this extension or a new extension, but the UI would at least look nearly identical...

    I often find myself needing to apply damage ad-hoc for various reasons:

    * falling
    * players messing with magic they shouldn't
    * traps
    * etc.

    If these are unexpected elements within a game, I don't usually have something already setup to inflict the damage. The UI and functionality of this extension would be perfect for this:

    allow me to select PCs / NPCs from the combat tracker
    allow me to specify a saving throw (if any) and save for half/none
    allow me to select number and type of damage die
    allow me to select a damage type

    Then just click roll and have it done auto-magically. It's a not a huge problem to do this manually, but there's always:

    * the player that is not paying attention meaning the DM may need to apply the damage
    * the fumble fingered player that mistypes their wounds (again) and can't recall what they had taken previously (again)
    * the player that is slow, meaning the DM and the slow player may both apply the damage
    * if it involves a lot of NPCs, it becomes a pain

    All of this requires more work for the DM than it should and can result in some dumb arguments.

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