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Playing Mutants and Masterminds in Fantasy Grounds, we are facing a couple of challenges. The first one is, as a GM when I drop the attacks the items seems to resolve well. When the players try and target and either hit a skill for attack or a power, it doesn't seem to force the NPC's to make the rolls. Are we doing something wrong? Is there a good guide for adding powers. I have had to help my players a few times and sometimes I even get confused on adding the Mutants and Masterminds powers and effects to the character sheets. I wasn't sure if there was a FAQ or a cheat sheet.

thanks for all the help.
Skills and Ability rolls aren't targetable. If you want a contested roll, it would need to be set up as an action in the powers section and the character in the CT and targeting the NPC. For how to use the powers section, it would be best to check out the wiki for that information. https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...%2BMasterminds