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    When my players select their characters in Symbaroum (original, not the DnD version) they receive the following error message twice
    "ERROR: Could not find ability node shortcut id:" (this may be unrelated to what follows)

    We were then playing (4 players) and a few minutes of play into the game, everyone's dice rolls seemed to start rolling with advantage (odd!)
    I then looked on combat tracker under effects, and noticed that if I looked at effects under each PC or NPC in the combat tracker, they all
    had a blank entry *but* on right hand side, two diamonds which if mouse over read "Attacks vs target is advantaged"

    Even more odd, open and close the Effects for someone in CT and sometimes message then swaps to "Character is elevated (for ranged advantage)"
    (No characters are elevated - I checked by using ALT and mouse wheel.

    My machine / License
    - Alienware Aurora PC (32GB Ram)
    - Windows 11 64 bit
    - FGU Ultimate / v4.5.2
    - Using a home made implementation of Wrath of the Warden
    - Using Syrinscape functionality (for what it is worth)
    - No extensions loaded
    - COnfirm all players on same version (no warnings when they connected)

    To reproduce
    1) Start host
    2) Player connects to game (no errors so far)
    3) Player selects their character
    4) Error message appears twice "ERROR: Could not find ability node shortcut id:"
    5) Throw an NPC onto CT (Blight boar used, because why not :-)
    6) Notice all in CT seem to have 2 diamonds talking about having advantage
    7) PC targets Blight boar and attacks
    8) First few attacks ok, then advantage rolls started

    Potentially unrelated, but during same test, one of players rolled a dice and it took 2 mins to aware for them in 'dice tray'!!
    (they logged out and reconnected, and no problem)

    .... So all is not well in Davokar
    To be honest, hard to exactly reproduce the rolls appearing with advantage (although steps 1-6 always repeatable), but didn't know if the initial error messages and the 'advantage' messages in CT might help

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    I've sent an e-mail to the Symbaroum DLC developers with a link to your post.


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    Moon Wizard,

    Many thanks

    Best Regards,

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    A minor bug. When doing a translation of the rulesets strings to Swedish I noticed that a few where missing from the strings/strings_symbaroum.xml file. They seems to be hard coded in record_char_main.xml.

    See the attached image for more detail.


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    That's because the original DLC developers did not set up string assets for those strings. It's up to each DLC developer to prepare the strings.

    I was able to update these few fairly easily, but will be passing on to the main DLC developers if there are any more.
    	<string name="char_label_threshold">THRESHOLD</string>
    	<string name="char_label_current">CURRENT</string>
    	<string name="char_label_maximal">MAXIMAL</string>
    	<string name="char_label_perm">PERM</string>
    	<string name="char_label_temp">TEMP</string>
    You'll have to run a new Check for Updates to get the latest changes.


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    Hi Moon Wizard - did the developers provide a response?

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    I have not gotten a response from them. I've asked our support team to re-ping them.


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    Some additional information re issue reported on 19th March [Scroll up a bit for a reminder], re spurious double rolls
    (as if had advantage) for player characters some way (say an hour or so) into the play session.

    I think part of problem at least is with the two diamonds on the combat tracker for each PC and NPC, found under 'effects'

    The left diamond is marked "Character is elevated for ranged attack" and right one "Attack vs target is advantaged (Melee)"
    The diamonds are 'lit' green when selected, and grey when not.

    The problem is that the green and grey are very *very* hard to tell apart in the Combat Tracker
    Grey has RGB of 103,102,95
    Green has RBG of 101, 117, 65

    These are easy to tell apart in a large shape (tried it in Powerpoint) but almost impossible in CT on a 4k screen at high resolution.

    This means that one can't understand why double rolls are happening because almost impossible to see difference between the darkish grey
    and darkish green (I clicked on the diamonds a few times to see it cycle between 2 very similar colours, or colors for my American friends)

    Request 1: I would be very grateful if the 'green / on' marking is much, much more visible.

    If this was more visible, I would have noticed that all Player Characters had both diamonds 'lit/on' causing the double rolls

    I've no idea what caused this .... last Monday we got a good 1hr into the game before the double rolling began ... and I can
    confirm the attacks not against NPCs with 'prone' effect, which understandably rolls with advantage.

    Request 2: Grateful of any thoughts re anything I as GM or players could have done to suddenly set all player characters'
    two diamonds to 'green/on', especially as players can't even see these in their version of the CT

    If request 1 sorted, I will be able to easily spot during a game when the diamonds suddenly all light up, and give a reproducable
    set of steps to cause the issue

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello, we are going to review the reported issues.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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