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    Ohh! Very appreciated!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpe View Post
    Hey again,

    A first fix in a long time has finally made it in and should be available at the next patching event. It should remove the annoying warning and make sure that the links on all abilities work again.

    Hopefully during the coming week I can take a look at why advantage is automatically selected and isn't really possible to remove.


    Many thanks. After a 'rebuild' of all the PCs (Delete and then from scratch drag across their Abilities , Powers etc) then errors stopped, which is good.

    Our next game is Monday, so will let you know how that goes but grateful for this fix.

    btw, re the advantage being automatically selected, it would be *really* helpful for the two diamonds on combat tracker (under effects) to be a much brighter colour when selected,
    At present, they look almost identical turned on or off, so hard to even spot when advantage has suddenly triggered.


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