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    good time to buy? state of the ruleset

    Is it a good time to buy in if interested or is there still some wrinkles that create frustration? I don't see many games being run in LFG. Already own FGU Ultimate. Is it easy to create adventures?


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    This is a tough question to answer... My answer might not be fully objective, as I am big Conan fan and my expectations are higher. I presume you already checked already the threads about the state of the ruleset and the bug one

    So, the ruleset at the moment and :
    - It is very basic - just dice roller with reporting for the most common rolls, which is OK if you look just to character sheet with some conveniences.
    - Bland looks - no effort was put to make the ruleset visually appealing, except the frame for sheets, which is out of place IMO
    - There is close to none automation of combat and combat tracker is basic
    - No talent or magic automation where this was possible or framework to take those into account via semi-manual approach
    - No art from the core book.
    - No additional content. The maps in the store are butchered as they reduced the quality and removed the zones, which defeated the whole purpose of the product.
    - Encoding issues still persist in texts.
    - Various stupid bugs such as locked sheets that are editable still persist
    - Very bad and slow support from the developers.
    - They removed the calendar.... what the ****...
    - Party Sheet is broken, you can drag and drop items but the party inventory does not work as they probably messed up the classes and how the lists are build.
    - Fonts are barely readable in Unity, even eagle-eyed person complained that they must run scaleui command.
    - The concept of how Vigor/Resolve is tracked for PC/NPC and traumas is ... ambiguous at best
    - Data libraries have groups defined, which is great but they lack filters, which is super important for talents.

    Good things:
    - Character Sheet is organized very well and despite my grief in style, it works well
    - Momentum/Fortune tokens on the desktop
    - Data libraries are organized well
    - You have GM screen as images.
    - Content! You don't have to do data entry
    - Reference manual is nice, but needs more structure and images.

    I would not recommend purchasing the ruleset, if you expect Fantasy Grounds experience beyond simple character sheet and CoreRPG functions (even those don't work, as I explained in the Party Sheet). It needs overhaul. Since more than an year passed and there has been close to zero improvements, I doubt much will happen in future.

    I would recommend getting the ruleset if you have zero expectations and just want character sheet and Fantasy Grounds as campaign manager.

    Better wait for Foundry VTT's Conan 2d20 system and how it will evolve. The first release is quite promising, though it lacks content, automation but the author said they are negotiating with Modiphius.

    BTW - Modiphius are super slow, I have not idea what is going on with them, but even this ruleset suffered from their inadequacy at response times.
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    Different people look for different things in a ruleset. I've been using the ruleset to run a Conan 2d20 campaign that will reach its 20th session later today. It allows us to play, to make rolls, to track the characters, etc.. It doesn't have much automation, as Valyar has mentioned, but that hasn't stopped us playing and having an amazing time. There's a lot of things I'd like added to the ruleset, there's less that I feel I *need*. Do I regret buying the ruleset? No, not at all.

    Ultimately, only you can make the decision on whether it will satisfy your requirements. Keep in mind that SmiteWorks have a 30 day, no questions asked, refund policy. So you can buy, try, and get a refund if it isn't OK for you.
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    Thank you both. I appreciate the honesty in your responses. I will buy it at some point maybe not today though. I will keep looking for a game to play in then make my purchase when I find a slot.

    Cheers Gents.

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    I responded to your PM. But I am with Valyar on this one. I would not buy it in its current state. Although I strongly believe that Fantasy Grounds is ultimately the better VTT then what is out there. I currently have moved to using Foundry for my Conan games, as the ruleset there is considerably better in the mechanical aspect making it much easier for a GM to run the game as the rules intended, and its only getting better.

    If and when they fix the way doom and momentum work, and a few other issues. I would then consider suggesting this ruleset be purchased.
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    I was very critical a couple of weeks ago, and I think it was warranted. I will say that the last update went along way to fix some stuff. I tried out Foundry and I have to say they've done some very good things with the VTT but for playing, FG is still a better experience. I just have had a hard time trying to get going with Foundry, it's like learning a second language lol

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    I watched a stream on gamerstable with FG but i think it was a bit dated. There wasnt much you could roll off of the npc tables and the combat tracker looked limited. I have no experience with foundry.

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