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    Version 1.2
    - Added in parsing of NPC abilities / spells that have SAVEEND type effects to automatically add the SAVEEND to those effects. (In the Combat Tracker)

    Let me know if there are any that show up and do not parse correctly, there's many different wordings and I'm sure I didn't cover them all. Any NPC that should have SAVEEND appended to it's effect in the CT that doesn't I need to be told of them.

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    Hot dang. Just keeps getting better and better. Thank you.

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    Is there a reason i'm not seeing the download link? I've tried multiple browsers.

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    Good Day and Welcome Halfdust
    This has been moved to DMSGuild for purchase.

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    Its on dmsguild. Kent's extensions are on sale in a bundle. They are worth it.

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    Thank you - found it there and bought it before I could see this post. Also - when doing Spirit Guardians - and using the code from this site - why is it only posting in the chat of FG and not rolling the dice?

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    Nevermind - I figured it out - presumed it was loading - didn't select it.

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    Will this allow a SAVEO to be removed if successful save at the start of the turn?

    Thinking of adding the following: Prone; SAVEO wisdom DC 1 but the save does not seem to remove the effect from the character when saved. Just trying to simplify my group's button clicking requirements to remove prone when it needs to be removed; since usually a prone character will stand up as the first thing they do on their turn.
    I know SAVEEND removes it with a save but only on the end of their turn. Not sure if there is a proper way to write the effect so that it will remove on Save at the beginning.


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    As of right now there is nothing, however I do have plans to add something like SAVESTART that would work the same as SAVEEND to remove an effect at the start of the turn.
    I'm always looking for ways to enhance the fantasy grounds experience, feel free to reach out to me with suggestions.
    For a list of all my extensions look here.

    The best way to contact me regarding any of my extensions is on Discord in the #kent-mccullough-stuff channel.

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    Does anyone know how to reword the Ash Puff description for the Ash Zombie in LMoP so I can use the ongoing save effect?

    Ash Puff. The first time the zombie takes damage, any living creature within 5 feet of the zombie must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or gain disadvantage on attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on it early with a successful save.

    At the moment I've just created an effect and put in it my shortcuts so I can drag it from there but it would be helpful to be able to do it from the CT or NPC Character Sheet. Doing it this way does the applied by the current person in the initiative rather then the Zombie

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