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    Point taken (it is, randomly generated), but it could be rare, but very possible, the Borite Continuity Authority, who control power & the trade, would be dealing with various ships off the Florian trade route and possible that a stolen cargo or two maybe purchasable.
    It would help, even if it takes a little longer to finish, that you could keep doing it random. But after that is generated you verify if it is a tech level +8 minimum. Lower tech levels or Amber/Red zones you should adapt them by replacing offending items with alternative ones that make sense to the situation.
    I don't see BCA trading with stolen cargo when they would need all of it for themselves, also you should take into account that nobody really visits them there are like one or two ships each month on the whole planet, only ships that go there are to raid for slaves... probably if they had items they would need them to offer as ramson to let some people free. At least that is how I envision them acting with items... most trade will be paid not with credits but craft items swapping with no money as they are basically poor. So they could pay in credit really low with mining materials from Borite. Only real income for the BCA.

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    Nice one thanks for doing this, its always something that i keep meaning to getting round too !

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