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    I would definitely love to play, but I haven't ever Played or GMed for PFS before.

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    I'm close to being ready to start running 2E PFS on here. I've GMed over 50 tables of pf1 and 22 tables of pf2 all in person. I have 2 Campaigns going that I've converted into Fantasy Grounds from live play. Working on entering some scenarios into Fantasy Grounds to be ready to run. In the meantime, I'd love to play a game. It's been since Gencon last year since I've been able to play a society game.

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    Hey CaptJack and jakjr - sorry I haven't been monitoring this thread as actively as when I originally posted. sent you both private messages

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    Hi Vivolay.

    I sent you a private messgem would love to play pathfinder 2nd edition society. I'm new at using Fantasy grounds, and also new at Pathfinder Society, but not in rpg's in general. I have been a DM for different system (Pathfinder 1st, Dnd 3.5-4-5). I made my character and have my pathfinder society and all. I would be willing to Dm eventually (once I'm more confortable with Society and fantasy ground).

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